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Supporting the continuum of molecular lab development provides a comprehensive one-stop resource for lab professionals who are engaged in the huge undertaking of starting and sustaining a molecular lab. This website shares invaluable access to useful information and perspectives from key opinion leaders and industry experts, as well as those who have gone through the process. Abbott Molecular is proud to bring you the insight, information and resources of GoMolecular. offers a wide range of information and tools for all phases of molecular lab development. This website is valuable for medical laboratory managers who are:

•  thinking about starting a molecular lab

•  in the process of developing a molecular lab, or

•  already have a molecular lab and want to keep it thriving. provides:
•  a place to learn and understand key issues, challenges and trends
•  a forum to connect with peers and share experiences and best practices
•  a resource of tools to build and sustain a successful molecular laboratory.


GoMolecular™ is an educational program sponsored by Abbott Molecular.

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